Who gets it worst in the Gospels — the pagan Romans who nailed Jesus Christ to the Cross or believers in the One God who delivered Jesus up to the Romans?

It’s not even a debatable question. Whomever Christians believe betrayed Jesus — Herod, the Pharisees, or Judas — it was monotheists far closer to Jesus in their beliefs than the Romans who come in for the most criticism.

And of course. The Romans were cosmopolitan barbarians — educated, smart, and sophisticated, but savage, cruel, and superstitious.

The Hebrews and the messianic Judaic offshoot we now call Christianity were supposed to be better than that, so when they fall it recapitulates the story of the brightest, most beautiful, and best loved of the angels who became the darkest and most dangerous of God’s enemies.

An honest and noble enemy can be respected and admired even while we endeavor to destroy him for his evil ways. A friend who’s supposed to know better is held to a higher standard and therefore comes in for harsher criticism when he leaves the path of righteousness.

So it will be today when I call out the corrupt bastards who are handing over my country to my enemies.

I believe in individual liberty as did the men we call the Founding Fathers. When I read about the noble revolution they fought to free this continent from a mean, spiteful, and likely insane tyrant, my heart soars. Thomas Jefferson’s idealistic pragmatism in the Declaration of Independence hits my eyes like a rainbow and my ears like Beethoven’s Choral Symphony. The irreverent wit of Benjamin Franklin sets the tone for a style of skeptical humor handed down to us through Mark Twain and today the meat and potatoes of Vegas rooms and late-night TV. George Washington set a principled standard for leading a free people that we can only hope to duplicate; I doubt it can be surpassed. And it wasn’t just these three. Just listing the heroes and geniuses who crafted and fought history’s only libertarian revolution would turn this article into a book.

When I am critical of the Constitution of the United States it is not because my heart differs all that much from the men who engineered it as an experiment in foiling this low part of human nature that will warp any organization to steal their brothers’ hard-earned bread; it’s only because I see the failure of that experiment to cage the beast that I wonder whether a few centuries might have shown us the cracks in its foundation and offered us what Jefferson called “new guards.”

But I would happily live in the house the Framers built if only the damned roof wasn’t leaking buckets.

Seventy-four years after the Constitution was ratified, and the experiment in preserving American liberty had begun, a second American revolution variously called a civil war or a war between the states found a fissure in the Constitution, and ruptured it. It’s possible by the end of that second revolution the calendar days left for liberty on this continent were already numbered.

But nine decades later, when I was born, it was still generally believed that despite setbacks Americans enjoyed more liberty than anywhere else on planet earth — and if some Americans did not enjoy as much liberty as they used to, other Americans were winning liberties historically denied them.

If you read what I was writing only five years ago I still wrote that this was true. But if it is still true today the coming time when it will not be true can be measured in months, weeks, or even days.

Our country is made up of fifty states whose sovereignty is a whisper of what it used to be. As currently constituted no state — or county, city, or township within one — can resist the will of the federal government in any significant way. So the three branches of the federal government will now decide what liberties the American people do and don’t have.

We have a Supreme Court — the final arbiter of what is and is not allowed by the Constitution since Marbury v Madison in 1803 — that is on the verge of nullifying Article VI of the Constitution by making international law superior to the Constitution as the supreme law of the United States.

We have a Congress which passes laws with no constitutional authority to do so, and has usurped powers forbidden them by the Constitution.

We have an executive branch comprising departments having no constitutional authority, and that in conspiracy with Congress now seeks totalitarian control over the most personal aspects of our individual lives.

The Founding Fathers would have rebelled against this state of affairs long ago. Their spirits, if they still roam the earth and speak to us in our dreams, must wonder whether the American continent still has any Americans on it.

I do not blame the leadership of the Democratic Party for this degradation of my country. Since the presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt began in 1933 the Democratic Party’s objectives have been, openly and plainly, to reverse the principles of the American Revolution and smash the Constitutional limit on powers so that the federal government may enter into every sphere and realm of the American people’s lives. In this policy they are in union with much of the rest of the world which never understood or adopted the principle of individual sovereignty and limited agency which was the foundation of the American experiment; instead they would deliver America to the older principles that have governed the rest of the world — the principle that sovereignty rests with the State — whether monarchy, aristocracy, or plutocracy — and that the common man only has those privileges granted by his betters.

Communism, socialism, and fascism were democratically utopian in theory but in practice have always proved plutocratic, aristocratic, and technocratic. In the name of the common people dictators and their minions have acted with ruthless imperiousness that no Caesar or Khan ever surpassed.

Democrats are the party of returning America to the rest of the world, of sounding the death knell to the American Revolution, of making America Sunset-View Atlantic again.

The Republican Party, and the conservative movement that has fueled whatever political success it has ever achieved, often used the Founding Fathers’ libertarian language to distinguish themselves from the Democrats. Honest conservative Republicans such as Barry Goldwater and Ronald Reagan meant it, too. But even Reagan did not understand how the conservative movement had been hijacked by persons whose principles were deaf to the American Revolution.

A few days ago when a Muslim Army Psychiatrist went on a murderous shooting spree on a domestic American army base, those who are called conservative pundits spent their air time and print space debating whether the shooter was a Muslim terrorist or merely a stressed-out whack-job. They did not ask why during the eight years of a conservative Republican administration — most of it following the worst domestic terrorist attack in U.S. history, and much of it when conservative Republicans also had a majority in Congress — never authorized members of the American military and their families to carry guns with them wherever they went on a daily basis to defend our country against terrorist attacks. It never crossed their minds that the disarmament of American soldiers — much less the citizen militia — would be the first issue the Founding Fathers would have addressed.

What was it that these conservatives were supposed to be conserving? Are they less concerned with American deaths than they are with containing Islam so Israel can last long enough for Jews to rebuild the Temple so the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse can saddle up?

A year before that — when the nominee of the Republican Party in the 2008 election suspended his campaign to lobby his fellow senators — in cahoots with the Republican President of the United States — to bail out private bankers on the credit of the United States taxpayer — no major Republican governors, senators, mayors, or congressional representatives who called themselves conservatives considered this a breaking of faith sufficient enough to repudiate their support for the nominee.

Or — a few months before that — when the leadership of the Nevada Republican Party suspended their state party’s presidential nominating convention because they knew a complete count of the ballots would send a delegation pledged to a candidate who by his voting record had proved that he actually believed in the Constitution of the United States — no prominent conservative Republican spokesman protested.

Before that when the Republican President of the United States suspended habeas corpus, expanded Medicare, ballooned federal spending beyond all previous limits, and like so many previous Republican presidents levied war without seeking a Declaration from Congress — that Congress would have given him — conservatives remained loyal to the Republican Party.

Now, today, when the Congress of the United States passed a bill that would nationalize medicine and penalize American citizens for refusing to purchase a commercial product — Repubicans calling themselves conservatives spoke as if the worst aspect of this monstrous invasion of the lives of every American was that taxpayer money could be spent on abortion.


That word is not in the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution of the United States.

One could be a Soviet commissar and oppose abortion on the grounds that the State needs more cannon fodder.

One could be a Pope who has no problem with a communist world economy and oppose abortion.

Yet today’s litmus test of whether or not one is a conservative is not whether one supports the individual liberty to which our founders pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, but whether or not one favors invading a hospital operating room with the drawn guns of a sheriff to usurp a woman’s conscientious moral decision as to whether ending gestation is violating God’s will.

It is not whether one believes that terrorism is best fought by arming the entire citizenry as the Founders told us to do, but by obsessing whether a criminal shooting up a military base of the United States is a committed enemy or just a madman.

I know Democrats have no use for the America handed down to us. They have been working for the better part of a century to undo it

But when that moment comes that this writer can no longer brag that Americans are freer than the citizens of any other country, it will not be the Democrats that this writer blames.

It will be those conservatives and Republicans who defrauded the American people into thinking they were any different, and who handed over this country’s liberty to its openly vocal enemies without so much as a whimper.

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