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My deepest sympathies go out to Donald. J. Trump.

Not to the President of the United States, who is a crat.

But Mr. Trump, who I liked for years as star of The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice, made the worst decision of his life in deciding to give up show biz for politics and doing it in a spectacular reality-TV coup of starting out his political career as President.

Mr. Trump’s dire fate would have been halved if he’d managed to get the nomination of the Democratic Party instead of the Republican Party.

But it would have been impossible.

Mr. Trump knew the GOP primaries were honest races while the Democratic primaries were corrupt farces where superdelegates — as Bernie Sanders later learned — rigged the party nomination for their annointed candidate.

The Bush family dynasty to this day knows Jeb Bush would have assumed his rightful place as the party’s nominee if only the GOP had the foresight to have superdelegates just like those who gifted Hillary with the Democratic nomination.

So Donald J. Trump became the communist/nihilist left’s latest Evil Republican, in line of succession of Nixon, Reagan, Bush — evil because the Republican Party still wears the Uncle Sam suit for the troops, the flag, the cops, the Star Spangled Banner, the Pledge of Allegiance — everything the commies have been trying to destroy for over a century — in essence, trying to bring down America and Americanism.

By the 1930’s the Democratic Party had adopted all Norman Thomas’s Socialist Party planks.

By the 1950’s Democratic Party operatives were pushing the Soviet Union’s attempts for unilateral American disarmament.

Today the Democrats line up with opposing the foundations of this country — anything named after Columbus, honoring the Founders, sports teams named after Native American symbols — because to the hateful left America isn’t the country whose brand-new states were the worldwide first to prohibit slavery but in a despicable propaganda lie the foundation for White Supremacy.

And all the establishment Republican Party can do is try to conserve their privilege. They no longer have principles as actual conservatives to conserve.

The Democrats are scum.

The Republicans make the profession of whoring look good.

Into this political cesspool — more accurate than swamp — came a successful businessman trying to Make American Less Scummy.

Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump

Hollow Talking Heads lie about him every day.

They lie that the totality of Donald J. Trump’s business practices were fraudulent.

They lie that he had no success in business.

They lie — based on a hidden mike recording in which Trump told the truth about groupies, that “if you’re a celebrity they let you grope them” — and these propagandists won’t acknowledge that the word “let” means permission — and claim that Trump is a rapist.

Oh, and their lie that Trump is a hired stooge for the third-world strongman, Vladimir Putin?

Forbes Magazine reports Donald Trump’s wealth has decreased by 16% — $600 million — since he became president.

Yeah, Putin made Trump rich.

Lying scumbags.

So we get to Trump making a phone call to a recent widow of a fallen soldier, while she’s sitting in a limousine waiting for an Air Force jet to bring his body home. It’s not a phone call that Donald Trump even needs to make. It’s more traditional to write a letter. But Trump is a hands on guy who likes to bring on the personal.

What Mr. Trump doesn’t know — what his White House staff either fucked up on or because their loyalty is to party apparatchiks deliberately fucked their boss on — is that there’s an opposition party Congressional representative sitting in that limo listening in — and whatever Mr. Trump says in condolence is going to be spun against him in the Never Trump Media.

I’m an anarchist. Mr. Trump is the Head of State.

But even I have to feel sorry for the poor son of a bitch.

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Ten Things That Could Have Stopped the Las Vegas Massacre

Of course we’re hearing “gun control” as a solution to the Las Vegas Massacre. But if we’re looking for things that can be curtailed or outright prohibited, that would have stopped this massacre, let’s think outside the box.

1. Live music. The Bataclan Theater in Paris. The Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, UK. And now the Route 91 Harvest Festival. All of these live-music events drew large crowds creating a target-rich environment for terrorists seeking mayhem and death. Ban live-music events and these target-rich environments disappear.

Tent Revival

2. Open-air events. If there had been a roof or even a tent over the Route 91 Harvest Festival the sniper could not have aimed at the crowd. Concealment, if not actual cover, would have curtailed the number of victims.

3. Tall buildings. The sniper used 32nd floor windows to shoot down at crowds. If buildings were limited to a single story this could have been prevented.

4. Elevators. To get to a 32nd floor by stairs carrying many pounds of firearms, ammunition, and related equipment would have been very difficult for a 64-year-old man.

5. Hotels. Renting rooms to anyone with the money to afford one enabled this massacre.

6. Room service. A hotel room-service cart was placed outside the shooter’s hotel suite carrying a camera the shooter is alleged to have used to see approaching police.

7. Cameras. See. No. 6. Other cameras were found by authorities within the shooter’s hotel room.

8. Money. The shooter used money to purchase all the equipment, plus pay for the hotel room. As well, the shooter is said to have wired money to an account in the Philippines, which may have something to do with the massacre.

9. Tools. The shooter is alleged to have used “a hammer like device” to have broken out the windows of the hotel room, enabling shooting out the now-broken windows.

10. Possession of air. If there had been no oxygen available to the shooter, the shooter would have been dead and unable to commit the massacre.

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