I recently posted on Facebook, then as a web page, a request for voluntary compensation (“donation” implies I’ve done nothing to merit it) for the content I’ve given away free for many years.

My request for financial support during a life crisis when I can’t pay my bills hasn’t brought in a dime.

I conclude I’m unpopular. I conclude I’ve been rejected.

It’s logical and not all that surprising.

I’m pro-gun and have written major newspaper and magazine Op-Eds and articles, books, and made two movies supporting the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, but because I’m not also an anti-abortion / pro-police / close-the-borders cultural conservative the Second Amendment activists won’t support me.

Because I’ve written in favor of regarding creative works as deserving property rights I’ve pissed off most of the current “anti-IP” libertarian movement.

Because most libertarians are atheists, as I was into my 30’s, then I talked about how “I Met God,” I’ve generated intense hostility from libertarians and atheists; but my stating I now believe in God got me no support from any religious affiliation since I say my change-of-mind came not from “religion, scripture, or faith” but instead from direct experience.

Because I won’t endorse the Johnson-Weld ticket of the Libertarian Party the LP supporters reject me.

Because I’ve said I’m voting for Donald Trump despite my being in favor of open borders, off-the-books workers, and Edward Snowden, the Trump supporters don’t like me.

Because instead of rock or country music I chose classical violin music for the soundtrack of my movie Alongside Night, I alienated a lot of potential fans.

J. Neil Schulman, directing Alongside Night
J. Neil Schulman, directing Alongside Night

Because in my “brothel-meets-Jihadis” comedy Lady Magdalene’s I have no nudity or sex scenes, I disappointed adolescents who expected a movie set in a Nevada brothel would have both, but because I linked modern prostitutes to the biblical whore Rahab I also tick off Christian fundamentalists.

Libertarians are fish-out-of-water to both liberals and conservatives. Despite my having won praise for my libertarian writing from Milton Friedman, Anthony Burgess, Charlton Heston, Robert A. Heinlein, L. Neil Smith, Robert Anton Wilson, F. Paul Wilson, Colin Wilson, Poul Anderson, Jerry Pournelle, Larry Niven, Gregory Benford, David Brin, Nathaniel Branden, Ron Paul, Thomas S. Szasz, Grover Norquist, Silk Road founder “The Dread Pirate Roberts,” Jeff Riggenbach, Walter Block, Kerry Pearson, Dyanne Petersen, Doug Casey, Wendy McElroy, Glenn Beck, Alex Jones, Michael Medved, Walter Williams, Piers Anthony, Brad Linaweaver, Samuel Edward Konkin III, and prominent others, I’m a fish-out-of-water even to libertarians like Lew Rockwell, Jeffrey Tucker, and John Stossel.

It would have been so simple to be more popular.

All I would have had to leave behind was my mind.

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For many years I’ve been giving away books and other things I write, research, and produce for free.

  • Alongside Night, now both the latest PDF edition of the novel and an online link to watch the full action movie.
  • My full-length comedy “brothel meets domestic-terrorist” movie, Lady Magdalene’s.
  • A personal website with articles, photos, and more rich content.
  • The PDF edition of my trade paperback book Stopping Power: Why 70 Million Americans Own Guns.
  • The two-volume history of my first venture into eBook publishing back in 1990, SoftServ, in the eBook Book Publishing in the 21st Century.
  • My website The World Wide Web Gun Defense Clock.
  • The complete audiobook I Met God.
  • Two blogs with years worth of articles, short stories, and complete books.

Keep on reading. All these free links are further down.

All free, no charge, no registration, nobody’s name, Facebook, Twitter, email address, or other online personal info collected for future marketing. Hundreds of thousands of views and downloads, possibly well into seven figures because I never kept close track of a lot of it.

Today I made sure everything of mine I sell on line on Amazon has an up-to-date affiliate link.

I am arranging to fix broken automatic download links that vend seven PDF editions of my books for sale so that I don’t have to email books when a Paypal payment is made.

I also made sure that on every page I give away my work for free (other than on Youtube) there’s a “Like it? Reward it!” Paypal link. Some of my websites aren’t compatible with the link so I link them to this page, which is.

I have to do this. I’m 63 and it has come to my attention that “the golden years” require a stash of gold I don’t have.

My daughter informs me it would be unseemly to go into details. But in an age when everything I have produced in a long career has been displaced from brick-and-mortar stores and competes with an ocean of free entertainment digitized as my own creative output has been, I am in serious danger of not being able to sustain my continued ability to pay my bills.

Here are some links to where I give away free stuff, not all with “Like it? Reward it!” Paypal buttons:

Watch here: Alongside Night the Complete Feature-length Movie. Written and Directed by J. Neil Schulman.

Watch here: Lady Magdalene’s the Complete Feature-length Movie. Written and Directed by J. Neil Schulman.

The World According to J. Neil Schulman personal website, with his book links, articles, photos, bio info, and much more!

J. Neil Schulman @ and
J. Neil Schulman @ Rational — J. Neil Schulman’s free/no-subscription blogs

Free PDF: Alongside Night Movie Edition Novel by J. Neil Schulman

Free PDF: Stopping Power: Why 70 Million American’s Own Guns by J. Neil Schulman

Free two-volume eBook: Book Publishing in the 21st Century by J. Neil Schulman

Free web book: Nasty, Brutish and Short Stories by J. Neil Schulman

Free web book: Self Control Not Gun Control by J. Neil Schulman

Free web novel: Escape from Heaven by J. Neil Schulman

Free two-volume audiobook (stream or download): I Met God by J. Neil Schulman with Brad Linaweaver, Jack Landman, J. Kent Hastings & William H. Kennedy

Free educational/info website: The World Wide Web Gun Defense Clock, webmaster, J. Neil Schulman

Julius Schulman: Life with a Violin. Bio, free music, music videos, Old Radio, Classic TV, history, and more!

Free short and full-length videos — movies, interviews, speeches, music, historic videos, and much, much more! Celebrity guests include Kevin Sorbo, Robert Heinlein, Arthur C. Clarke, Walter Cronkite, Alex Jones, Ron Paul!

Archived Alongside Night Radio shows with guests J. Kent Hastings, L. Neil Smith, Brian Wright, Brad Linaweaver, Kevin Latchford, and Paul Davids.

Alongside Night the Movie related radio interviews

I appreciate your patronage.

J Neil Schulman
August 27, 2016

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