Until now the Alongside Night movie has been available only in limited theatrical showings, the Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack and streaming on iTunes and Amazon Video/Amazon Prime.

In a few weeks it will also begin streaming with commercial sponsorship on the Roku 24 Hour Movie Channel and the Sage Films Channel.

The movie has been pirated and is being offered free on pirate movie websites.

Alongside Night as an independent film is as good an adaptation as the original novel’s author was able to make on a low-budget, first writing the screenplay adaptation then producing and directing the movie.

Speaking first person, I — the novelist — like the movie we made very much.

But the movie has been trolled endlessly on IMDb and IMDb’s parent company,, which allows endless down-rating of the movie by anonymous sock-puppet accounts. I believe this is an organized campaign of disinformation to give the impression to as wide an Internet readership as possible that the movie sucks. I strongly suspect but have no way of proving that statist enemies of libertarian information and entertainment media are behind this. If I succeed, it opens up the floodgates to other libertarian authors and filmmakers — even some who themselves spend their energy trashing this movie.

This ends now. Watch the movie and make up your own mind.

The movie is now free to watch on the web. Share this.

But please also make as big a contribution as you can afford to support the author/filmmaker — me. Without such contributions I can’t continue to do my part for the libertarian movement. Also consider this my audition for making more libertarian movies and books.

The Like It/Reward It link is on this web page.

Also, you might want to buy this movie at even higher quality with all the extra features.

Here are the contents of the Blu-Ray/DVD Combo Pack currently on sale on Amazon for $12.99:

Disc 1 — Blu-Ray

First Play is Liberty Coin Service Infomercial leading to Main Menu

Alongside Night feature film in HD quality with audio options of 2-channel stereo or 6-channel Dolby 5.1 surround

Available captions: English SDH, Spanish, French

Director’s Commentary with J Neil Schulman interviewed by radio-talk-host Ernest Hancock

Special Feature: Alongside Night Graphic Novel Movie — the graphic novel accompanied by selections from the Alongside Night motion picture musical soundtrack

Disc 2 — DVD

First Play is Liberty Coin Service Infomercial leading to Main Menu

Alongside Night feature film in SD quality with audio options of 2-channel stereo or 6-channel Dolby 5.1 surround

Available captions: English SDH, Spanish, French

Director’s Commentary with J. Neil Schulman interviewed by radio-talk-host Ernest Hancock

Disc 3 — DVD

First Play is Video Extra “Al Laughs”

Video Extra Features

Hot Dog Cart
Al Laughs
Welcome to Auxiliary
The Bar
The Tunnel

More Video Features

Xtranormal Animation
A Very Personal Message to Glenn Beck
Kevin Sorbo Interviews on Alongside Night
J. Neil Schulman Speech 2012 Libertopia
Alongside Night Teaser Trailer
J. Neil Schulman Presents
Alongside Night Stills Movie
Why Guns?
Uncut Adam Kokesh Rally Speech
Ron Paul Interviews J. Neil Schulman
Reason TV Premiere Interview
Red Carpet Interviews
Alex Jones Interviews Sorbo & Schulman
Rick Amato interviews J. Neil Schulman
Vegas Inc interview wih J. Neil Schulman
Silicon Assassin Teasers
Adam vs The Man Cast Interviews
Samuel Edward Konkin III on Agorism
Anarchast Interview with J. Neil Schulman

Audio Extra Features

Unabridged Alongside Night Audiobook

Radio and Podcasts

Glenn Beck on Alongside Night Novel
Tony Conley Promo
Sam Sorbo Show interview with J. Neil Schulman
Free Talk Live interview with J. Neil Schulman
Lansing Radio Spot
Declare Your Independence (Ernest Hancock) Interview with J. Neil Schulman & J. Kent Hastings
The Peter Schiff Show interview with J. Neil Schulman
Ed Morrissey/Hot Air Interview with Kevin Sorbo
Asylum Radio Interview with J. Neil Schulman
Pat’s Town Square Media
Crypto Radio Show interview with J. Neil Schulman
Joe Messina interview with J. Neil Schulman
Things You Know with Pat Heller
Larry Elder Show interview with Kevin Sorbo
Cragg Live interview with Gary Graham
Seavy & Perry interview with J. Neil Schulman
Cragg Live interview with J. Neil Schulman
2nd Joe Messina interview with J. Neil Schulman
Declare Your Independence (Ernest Hancock) Interview with J. Neil Schulman

Computer-Accessible Extra Features

J. Neil Schulman’s Alongside Night — The Graphic Novel — MP4 Movie and PDF eBook
Alongside Night Unabridged Audiobook — MP3 files suitable for transfer to a personal media player
Musical Selections from the Motion Picture Soundtrack as MP3 files
Alongside Night — The Movie Edition novel as PDF eBook

Starring Kevin Sorbo (Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, God’s Not Dead), Said Faraj (Green Zone), Contact‘s and Starship Troopers‘ Jake Busey, Star Trek Voyager‘s Tim Russ and Garrett Wang, Alien Nation‘s Gary Graham, Men in Black 3‘s Valence Thomas, Parks and Recreation‘s Mara Marini, Lady Magdalene’s Ethan Keogh, Adam Meir and Susan Smythe, Kevin Sorbo’s real-life wife, actress Sam Sorbo, singer/songwriter Jordan Page, and real-life activist Adam Kokesh, as well as up-and-coming actors Christian Kramme, Reid Cox, Kyle Leatherberry, Rebekah Kennedy, Charlie Morgan Patton, and Eric Colton, this is a film far more current than The Hunger Games or Divergence series.

This is the story of Elliot Vreeland (Kramme), son of Nobel Prize-winning economist Dr. Martin Vreeland (Sorbo). When his family goes missing and while being shadowed by federal agents (Faraj and Leatherberry), Elliot, with the help of his mysterious companion Lorimer (Cox), explore the underground world of the Revolutionary Agorist Cadre to find them. It’s a story of romance, intrigue, action, adventure, and exhilarating science fiction thrills.

“Neil, Your novel and film ‘Alongside Night’ are both powerful works of art that promote Liberty.” — Grover Norquist

“J.Neil Schulman’s Alongside Night is at the forefront of libertarian cinema.” — Josh Bell, Las Vegas Weekly

“Seeing the novel adapted into a full length movie was a dream come true.”
–Sean Gangol, The Libertarian Enterprise

I believe Alongside Night will advance the cause of liberty.”
–Dr. Ron Paul, Ron Paul Channel, June 16, 2014

“The story is, by turns, touching, suspense-filled, violent when violence was called for, highly polemic, and altogether satisfying.”
L. Neil Smith, The Libertarian Enterprise

“ It’s a handsomely produced film for its low budget. Well-acted and ingeniously directed.”
– John DeChancie, best-selling author

“J Neil Schulman’s film Alongside Night is just as brilliant as his original novel and it may be even more so with all of the anarcho-capitalist and libertarian visual Easter eggs placed in the background that are a treat and supreme delight for all of those in the know.”
— Justin Ptak, Facebook

“A movie dedicated to promoting liberty and warning about a too powerful government.” — Coos County Democrat

“Abundant professional talent …supported the making of this fine movie. The result is visually bright and stunning, laced and layered with great music and pregnant with the theme of the unquenchable human spirit seeking liberty.”
–Jerry Jewett, Prometheus Newsletter, Mondo Cult Online

Alongside Night has been recognized as an important projection of near-future crises on such diverse mass media as Fox News’ Red Eye, ABC’s On The Red Carpet, The Ron Paul Channel, Alex Jones’ Infowars, Reason.TV, the Larry Elder Show, Las Vegas Weekly, the Libertarian Republic, the Sam Sorbo Show, and many blogs, local TV and radio shows, and podcasts. With recommendations from Ron Paul and Alex Jones to their millions of listeners and viewers this movie has a fan base eagerly awaiting it.

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