Best-selling Author John DeChancie posted this yesterday on his Facebook wall.

John DeChancie Facebook post on Alongside Night

“Those who are interested in the current world economic crisis might be interested in seeing ALONGSIDE NIGHT, a film by J. Neil Schulman, starring Kevin Sorbo. It’s a handsomely produced film for its low budget. Well-acted and ingeniously directed, it has a story that resonates with the new proposed 4-trillion-dollar US budget. You might not agree with the movie’s economic philosophy, but you can’t deny the relevance of the theme. There’s only so much you can inflate the money supply before the economy blows a tire and we all have to walk home. I mean, how much can you disagree with that?”
— John DeChancie

John DeChancie

John DeChancie is a well-known author of science fiction and fantasy. He is most famous for his Skyway Trilogy (STARRIGGER, RED LIMIT FREEWAY, PARADOX ALLEY) and his seriocomic fantasy adventure series beginning with CASTLE PERILOUS and running to nine volumes. The ninth is due out soon! His short pieces have appeared in many magazines and paperback original anthologies. Living in Los Angeles, he is at work writing more fiction in addition to screenplays and teleplays. He has a background in music, TV and film production, and was the 2005 recipient of the Forrest J. Ackerman Award for lifetime achievement Science Fiction.

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