“The hallmark of both the ancient potentate and the modern imperialist State is the armed soldier demanding tribute to cross.” — J. Neil Schulman tweet, November 15, 2014

Work permits? Are you kidding me?

Libertarians just might be the last sane people on this planet. Anyone in modern discussion who accepts as reasonable such notions as needing papers to be “allowed” to work, or to cross from one country to another, or to be allowed within the borders of a “country,” is suffering from a pathological fear of the outsider — anyone “not of us” is by definition a danger and needs to be restrained.


There are two logically consistent sides in the ultimate debate on government. One side says there shouldn’t be any government — the anarchist. The other side says there should be only one government — the world federalist AKA the One Worlder.

Either way, ultimately the human species is one people and only a totalitarian such as in Hitler’s Germany or Stalin’s USSR or Mao’s Red China would demand “Your papers, please” to be able to cross from one town to another.

Republicans claim to favor “right to work” laws — then come out with their own lists of people whom they don’t want to be allowed to work legally. What hypocrites — just as bad as the Democrats who call anyone a scab who wants to work without joining a union.

I have unpleasant Enlightenment news for you political monsters: the right to work to put a roof over your family’s head and bread on the table without being molested by armed thugs — with or without helmets, Kevlar pajamas, and badges — is the beginning of all human rights.

And here’s a “Minority Report” bulletin for you courtesy of the late, great science-fiction author Philip K. Dick: “precrime” — the doctrine that the State can put walls around people who have not yet attacked others — is by definition totalitarianism.

Nine-11 has finished the United States as a free country. The paranoid excesses caused by a despicable megacrime — Orwellian titled “Patriot” Acts that have destroyed what made this country exceptionalist — the principles of inalienable human rights declared in its founding document and preserved in its Bill of Rights — have become dead letter law as “border” guards now interrogate travelers hundreds of miles from even a claimed national border, invade workplaces looking for workers without the government’s permission slips, and a Fox News coven of witches debate under whose authority — the President’s or the Congress’s — people may be allowed to live their lives.

I’m calling out Democrats and Republicans — almost everyone on the Fox News Channel — for debating how and under whose whip they wish to end freedom once and for all in what was taught to us in school as being the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave.

You totalitarian cowards bring up my bile.

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