I came up with this during a discussion at Libertopia this past weekend. — JNS

Creating, expanding, and securing Agorist markets has a fundamental problem built in: how do you promote to a customer base products and services which by their nature require anonymity, stealth, and secrecy, all the while providing the reputations for honest dealing that businesses require to acquire customer accounts?

I think I’ve come up with a robust solution to that problem: divide Agorists into two categories, each at arm’s length from the other.

AU is the chemical symbol for gold, so I played with those letters in Alongside Night to create the concept of Agorist Undergrounds — AU‘s.

I’m going to use those two letters again, but this time with a slash between them, to define a new strategic Agorist vision.

A = Aboveground
U = Underground

Agorism Poster by thorsmitersaw

The “A” Agorists will live openly visible to the current political-economic system, and will be as compliant to laws and regulations as is possible given that many of these laws and regulations are virtually impossible to comply with — they’re too complex, confusing, and burdensome. But the “A” Agorists will protest only by word, not by deed. We will use the remnants of free expression to educate the public on Agorist theory and practice while not practicing it ourselves. We will be known by our real names and reputations and not anonymous. We will be writers, speakers, and entertainers. We will be the visible face of Agorism while being openly clear that looking to us for illegal activities is a dry well.

The “U” Agorists will be building and expanding the underground markets. They will be anonymous, masked, hidden, encrypted, and stealthy. They will not comply with laws and regulations that violate liberty as defined in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and other documents that have been the foundation for post-Enlightenment individual freedom. The “U” Agorists will practice what the “A” Agorists can only preach.

The “A” Agorists will have no contact with the “U” Agorists so authorities seeking to use the “A”‘s to trace the “U”‘s will find that a dead end.

We will live in different worlds until that day when the “U”‘s are successful enough to open the marketplaces to a visible aboveground free economy.

I am an “A” Agorist.

J. Neil Schulman
October 16, 2012

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