Political analyst Frank Luntz tells us that what’s most important to Republican primary voters this electoral season is selecting a candidate who can beat President Obama in the fall general election.

This is the only reason former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney is getting any traction at all with conservative, Christian evangelical, and Tea Party factions within the Republican Party.

Romney’s political record is moderate to liberal, with his having at one time or another supported state-funded abortions, gun control, and government-run health-care. It’s only the polls showing that within the margin of error Mitt Romney is even with Barack Obama in a fall match-up that Mitt Romney is a Republican front-runner.

But there is another Republican candidate who — according to a recent CBS poll of registered voters — polls within the margin of error dead even with Barack Obama for the fall general election: Congressman Ron Paul.

All the other Republican candidates — Newt Gingrich, Rich Santorum, John Huntsman, and Rick Perry — all poll points behind President Obama well outside the margin of error.

On the question of which Republican presidential candidate would stand the best chance of denying President Obama a second term, only two candidates poll well: Romney and Paul.

Romney’s political record is close to being indistinguishable from Obama’s.

Paul’s unchanging beliefs and Congressional voting record, as an advocate for a federal government returned to strictly-observed Constitutional limitations, makes him the first Republican candidate since Barry Goldwater who could truly be called Mr. Conservative.

The important difference is that — in the United States with a national debt greater than its gross domestic product, over-extended in both domestic entitlements and overseas military operations, and with the Bill of Rights in a coma — conservative Republicans, independent voters, and left-wing opponents of the military-industrial complex have come together in a unique coalition that might actually vote Ron Paul into the White House.

Megyn Kelly Ron Paul
Megyn Kelly / Congressman Ron Paul

Yet, over and over again, Fox News Channel political commentators including Dick Morris, Bill O’Reilly, Charles Krauthammer, Megyn Kelly, and Sean Hannity tell their viewers that Ron Paul is dead last in electability in the general election against President Obama.

It’s Republican-on-Republican violence against the truth, and one can conclude that the dominant multinationalist-controlled factions in charge of the Republican Party would rather hand multinationalist President Obama a second term than allow a constitutionalist to place America’s general welfare above foreign business interests.

In a January 13th interview with Ron Paul, Megyn Kelly put up a graphic showing that Republican voters rate Dr. Paul as the candidate least likely to defeat Obama. Kelly then threw this poll in Congressman Paul’s face in an attempt to make him look like a pitiful loser.

CNN: NH Exit Poll: Most Likely to Defeat Obama: Paul 88%
CNN: NH Exit Poll: Most Likely to Defeat Obama: Paul 88%

Even this record of Republican voter perception is a lie, as this CNN screen capture from the night of the New Hampshire primary shows.

If Orwellian media propaganda manages to convince Republican primary voters that Ron Paul is unelectable, a fraud will have successfully denied Republicans their best chance not only at retaking the White House in 2013, but implementing traditional policies that Republican voters actually support.

I’m not, myself, sanguine that any election can forestall the impending financial collapse of the dollar-accounted United States economy. I am, after all, the author of Alongside Night, and running myself ragged trying to make the movie from it that will show the American people how they can stockpile the seeds for a harsh economic winter that can regrow the economy in a forthcoming American Spring.

But if anyone can prove my pessimism wrong, it’s Ron Paul, and I certainly think he deserves the chance to give it one last try.

Ron Paul is not the avatar of any purist libertarian. He’s the last-chance candidate of the American political class. If they throw Ron Paul under the bus, they’re either blind and stupid beyond belief, or they’ve already squirreled away their own assets somewhere and believe they can survive the inevitable wrath of the unbelievably-well-armed American people. It’s worth noting, also, that Ron Paul is first in contributions from currently serving American military personnel.

Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi made the same calculation with far fewer guns and high-tech-enabled hunters awaiting them.



“Alongside Night Must Be Made!”

Alongside Night

Cato the Elder ended every speech, “Carthago delenda est!” — “Carthage must be destroyed!” Recently I’ve been ending everything I’ve been writing:

Alongside Night Must Be Made!


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