In the 900th issue of Action Comics Superman renounces his American Citizenship.

Here are ten of the Man of Steel’s reasons.

David Letterman, I’m granting you rights to use this for your Top Ten … with attribution, of course.

–J. Neil Schulman


10. No more phone booths in America.

9. Smallville seized Kent Farm by eminent domain and sold the land to build a WalMart.

8. Lois Lane became Larry King’s eighth wife.

7. Clark Kent’s rent-controlled Metropolis apartment torn down to build luxury condos.

6. FDA declared Superman’s X-ray vision a medical device needing their approval to use.

5. Lana Lang released old Superboy/Lex Luthor gay sex video on Facebook.

4. EPA-funded study declared Superman the cause of global warming.

3. Donald Trump’s demands to see his long-form Kryptonian birth certificate.

2. Sick of TSA groping every time he flies.

1. Wikileaks revealed his secret identity.

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