On June 2, 2010, Glenn Beck opened the second hour of his syndicated radio show by saying:

From high above Times Square in Midtown Manhattan this is the third-most listened-to show in America. My name is Glenn Beck.”

Glenn Beck

In the second hour of his June 2, 2010 show, about twelve-and-a-half-minutes into the hour, Glenn Beck told his third-largest listening audience about my 1979 novel, Alongside Night.

Mr. Beck didn’t remember the name of the book’s author.

He didn’t remember the title exactly.

But he sure as shootin’ remembered what the book was about.

Alongside Night 30th Anniversary edition

The other one was written in 1979. Alongside … Morning? Something like that.

It reads exactly like my show. It does!

You know what the story is?

A guy who is an economic expert has been saying the economy is collapsing, the economy is collapsing, and the government is going to seize control.

Everything is out of control.

He lives in New York City.

His son is called from school. He’s told that your father has died; you’ve got to go home right away.

He takes out these blue notes because hyperinflation has come — his father was right — hyperinflation has come.

He’s bartering with the cab driver to be able to get home. He’s bargaining with him — “How many blue notes do you have?” — because money is over.

He gets to the apartment and Dad is standing there: “Listen. Go get the gold. We gotta get out.”

“But, Dad, they told me you were dead.”

“We’ve got to get out; it was a ruse to give us time to get out.”

The son goes and gets the gold that he had hidden in New York, puts it in a belt, starts to come back, and Dad and the family now are gone. Been picked up by the Department of Justice.

The Department of Justice has built concentration camps!

It’s an interesting read! I don’t remember who wrote it.

It doesn’t take you long to read it. I read it in a day. I don’t think it’s a big book. I read it on Kindle.

But it’s good. I don’t agree with everything in it. But it’s a good read and written in 1979!

Phenomenal! Phenomenal!

But that’s kind of where America is headed. As a journalist it kills me. Is America worried about something? [*snorts*] No, not at all.

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The free 30th Anniversary PDF edition of Alongside Night is still available for download here.

To read about other people who have been excited about Alongside Night, go here.

Mr. Beck, thank you very much.

Oh … Mr. Beck. One more thing?

Go take a look at this IMDb page. Alongside Night is now being produced as a movie.

Here’s the poster:

Alongside Night Poster #1 Copyright (c) 2010 Jesulu Productions. All rights reserved.
Go to the Alongside Night Official Movie Website

Psst! Alongside Night! Pass it ON!

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