1. Require that every United States Senator and Member of the House of Representatives take an oath under penalty of perjury that s/he will not vote on any legislation that s/he has not read in full and understands the effects thereof, and be required to swear under oath what section of the Constitution of the United States authorizes Congress to enact such legislation. Require federal judges to conduct random surprise testing of all senators and representatives before selected votes, and a score of 80% correct in order to be present for a quorum. A score lower than 40% on three such tests is automatic expulsion from Congress.

2. Enact a twenty-year sunset for all currently existing federal departments, agencies, bureaus, military bases on foreign soil, taxes, tariffs, foreign treaties and federal regulations, and thereafter every federal department, agency, bureau, military base on foreign soil, tax, tariff, foreign treaty, and regulation shall automatically sunset every ten years.

3. Outlaw any privately owned entity or corporation from usurping a power granted by the Constitution of the United States to Congress or the President.

4. Require that every ten years the approval of a majority of state legislatures shall be required to renew the continuation of every federal department, military base on foreign soil, federal tax, and foreign treaty.

5. The attorney general of any state, as authorized by the state’s governor, legislature, or popular referendum, may sue the federal government to nullify any Act of Congress, federal regulation, or executive power, that violates any section of the Constitution of the United States, and such lawsuit shall be given an immediate hearing by the Supreme Court of the United States.

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