Let’s start by getting one thing straight.

No real scientist would ever, ever, ever — under any circumstances — declare that a question has been answered finally and that a scientific debate is over, once and for all. Ever.

That’s just not how real scientists think, or talk.

Science is a process — a set of tools to test knowledge for validity — and whenever you hear someone declare that scientific debate is over and a particular conclusion is unquestionable, not only has he given strong evidence that he never grasped the scientific method, there’s a good chance he has identified himself not as a scientist but as a political operative, an ad man, a religious fanatic, a con man, and possibly a gangster in a lab coat.

The scientific method always gives its conclusions as provisional and always subject to correction by additional facts, better observations, later experiments, newer theories, more relevant paradigms, and — every once in a while — a genius turning everything we thought we knew upside down by asking a question nobody until then had thought to ask.

In his very first published short story, “Lifeline,” in 1939, Robert A. Heinlein — always considered one of the most scientifically literate of science-fiction writers — put these words in the mouth of a scientist: “One can judge from experiment, or one can blindly accept authority. To the scientific mind, experimental proof is all important and theory is merely a convenience in description, to be junked when it no longer fits. To the academic mind, authority is everything and facts are junked when they do not fit theory laid down by authority.”

So when former Vice President Al Gore — or screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, or Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, or President Barack Obama, or comedian Bill Maher, or Senator John McCain, or Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger — declared that the scientific debate on man-made global warming was over, and all that was left to debate is how controls could be imposed on us to prevent it, their declarations were not those of any real scientists. Not only were they not scientific statements, declarations such as these amount to the greatest threat to the conduct of real scientific investigation by genuine scientists since the Roman Catholic Church used its power to silence Galileo for daring to suggest that God’s green earth was not the center of the universe, and John Scopes was put on trial in Tennessee for teaching Darwin in a high-school science class, and the Soviet Union demanded scientists teach that acquired characteristics are inheritable, and the Nazis forced scientists to endorse their vile racial theories.

So when columnist Ellen Goodman wrote in the Boston Globe on February 3, 2007, that “global warming deniers are now on a par with Holocaust deniers,” these were not the words of a scientist but of a brainwashed cultist who, if she had lived a generation earlier and had the right set of grandparents, would have been quite employable by Joseph Goebbels in spinning Auschwitz as a factory town.

Abraham Lincoln said, “You may fool all the people some of the time, you can even fool some of the people all of the time, but you cannot fool all of the people all the time.”

Honest Abe was right. The Global Warming conspiracy — and yes, for once we can say without fear of embarrassment that it was an actual criminal conspiracy, possibly the most costly fraud in all human history — has finally been exposed to the harsh light of day.

A few days ago thousands of emails stored by the Climate Research Unit at the University of East Anglia in England were released onto the Internet by whistle-blowers. Not only do these emails expose secret discussions by prominent academics on how to falsify data to give the appearance of global warming, but they include revelation of suppressed data that, since 1961, the global temperature has actually declined slightly.

These emails are so revealing of a heinous fraud to destroy major industries and divert trillions of dollars to political cronies that they should be presented to grand juries for what needs to be a series of criminal prosecutions against academics, lobbyists, propagandists, trusted officials, and lawmakers who have sent the world into a major depression because of base motives ranging from ideological to financial.

The excuse that we can’t produce the fossil-fuel energy we need to power economic growth — that the so-called “carbon footprint” is in fact an Orwellian jackboot on the throat of every working man and woman in the world — is over. All that’s left is to awaken people to how they’ve been manipulated, lied to, robbed, and kicked in the teeth, to bring the criminals to justice, and immediately to ramp up the production of cheaply available coal, oil, shale oil, and natural gas needed to heat our homes, light our schools, and power our transportation.

This will take a while. The professional propagandists are still in the employ of the criminals, hard at work trying to tell us to ignore the man behind the curtain. A multi-trillion-dollar fraud is not stopped in a day.

But they better run and keep on running. Because when the people who have been their victims catch up to these super-Madoffs, the people will ram their carbon footprint right up these villains’ globalist asses.

Note: Though I didn’t know it when I posted the above column, a Google search I did today on “warm mongers” comes up with 24,000 page hits of others using the phrase before I got to it. — JNS

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